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2000 Forester Limited
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I've had my year 2000 Limited since new. It's got 80k on the clock and never had power problems until last 2 weeks. From a standing or hill start it has no low end power. I need to build up the revs before dropping the clutch or it stalls on me. Any ideas on what's going on here?
My local mechanic drained the tank and said it was probably fuel contamination (I always use high-octane Caltex Vortex from the same gas station) and showed me a yellowish sample from the tank. He also cleaned the fuel filter, replaced the coil and refilled the tank. He added methylated spirits to the tank to "clean up the residue" - something I've never heard of.
Result is my Limited drives worse now - still no low end power and rapidly backfires when taking off. Any help on this appreciated. - ticker
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