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I need some massive help. I have a 04 forester 5 speed base model.
No issues with the vehicle. Came home shut the car off so far so good. At some point I get in turn the key to Acc so i can charge my phone for a few mins, the radio was also playing as it seems to be permanantly on. MAYBE 15 mins later get to start and a half turn and nothing. each time I turn the key silence. so i rolled it down the driveway thinking dead batt, and jump started her. Took her down a steep dirt embankment to a kayaking spot yada yada yada came back no crank no start so...
This is what i have done so far
*Pos terminal had alot of corrosion. thouroughly cleaned and tightened terminal-NCNS
*Tested battery with multimeter 12.62
*Checked terminal (pos of mm to pos post- neg of mm to terminal) No loss in voltage
*Fuses ok relay seems to be bolted in and looks good.
*Power down to the starter 12.62
*Checked the ground by placing pos mm to pos starter- neg mm to copper neg wires bolted to the engine 12.62
*Rapped on the starter-- NCNS
*Bypassed clutch positioning sensor with jumper NCNS
*Tried to jump starter with screw driver sparks and smoke but no crank, i did hear a few rapid type soft clicks once when i was trying to jump the starter
Noticed the ac belt came off and is chewed, probably when I did the roll and jump to started it
I thought if it was the starter or solenoid you would hear clicking or noises from that area as mostly i hear nothing
Cant get to it until morn. too flat to try to pop start it. I dont think
even a tow truck could get where it is. Tomorrow sunny then rain for 2 days and then 2-12 hour shifts so I got 1 day.
ANY real advice would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated
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