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Hi Everyone,

This is a bit belated as I bought our lightly used Forester about a month ago and I've posted on other threads a few times in the last week.

While this is our first Forester, it is our third Subaru - the other two a 2001 Outback and a 1982 Brat! Both the Outback and the Brat were new when I drove them off the lot.

Our "new" Forester is very much the Subaru I'm used to and at the same time the Eyesight and other sensing and driver assist features are impressive (like the adaptive cruise control - how cool is that?).

Our plans for the Forester include lots of mods to make it a more capable off-roader. Larger AT tires, a lift kit and new springs are on the "to do" list soon. I've already replaced the factory crossbars with something that is a bit more versitile, replaced the factory hitch with a 2" receiver hitch and replaced the factory winter floor mats with WeatherTech mats.

Thanks in advance to everyone who has contributed to discussions of these and other topics that I expect to be relying upon heavily over the next few months.

If you're headed to Utah at some point down the line, with some luck I might be able to help with some local advice (Escobar's serves fantastic Mexican food if you're visiting or passing through Kanab:grin2: and while you're there, a day at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a day well spent).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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