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Hi. I'm just starting to understand why Subaru has such a hardcore following. We have had a really light winter so far in Buffalo this year and I'm actually disappointed. I've been looking forward to seeing how my 2009 Forester handles in the snow. I know it handles great on the roads and corners like a sedan (way better than my 2002 CRV). I love the sunroof too (also way better than the one on my CRV). I was turned on to the Forester by a colleague who had an Impreza and now added a Forester to the mix. After I got mine, another colleague got one too. It works great with my shaggy slobbery Golden Retriever in the back cargo area. So far I've been mostly happy. Interior styling is my only complaint (not on par with some of the competitors) but handling is more important to me. Looking forward to the first big snow (shhhh, don't tell anyone, most people would prefer an easy winter:icon_wink:)

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Post up a picture of your '09 Forester so the members can look it over. You're required to have 15 posts to link to a host (to prevent spamming), but you can attach pictures (thumbnails) now. :wink:


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