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1999 Forester GT Manual
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Hi, new to the forum and apologies in advance if there is already a thread covering this question - I had a look and none of it made any sense to me so I thought I would just ask :)

I bought my Forester when we started our little family 2 years ago (99 GT), Dad always loved and trusted Subarus and I love it love it love it. It is the best car I've ever owned, but my partner did all the work on it for me and now I'm wanting/having to learn all about it myself. Enthusiastically actually :)

I need to replace the suspension, have learned the basics about my Subys suspension system (coils and springs, self-levelling rear) - I have got quotes from my local brakes and suspension people (inc Pedders, they are all around $1500-1700 mark for supply and fitting). Out of curiosity I called my local Subaru dealer for a quote on genuine parts and the guy gave me $1700 (down from $2020).

So my questions are:

1. Would factory suspension be ideal for a Forester or are there more superior aftermarket products out there? I do a little softroading but mostly highway kms with my 2 year old so I'm really just after good quality and reliable.

2. Are the struts and coils difficult to replace on a Forester? Spring compressors etc? If it would be better to go genuine I would ask my daughter's father to help me with them and just pay for the genuine parts.

Thank you!
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