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My name is Leticia or Ticia or just Tish, I drive an ‘04 Subaru Forester which I love (even tho it’s black without tinted windows 😞) but I purchased it for $3K below blue book so you gotta love that! Unfortunately, I took it to Walmart for an oil change and the idiot forgot to put oil back in my car so now I have a horrible knock in my engine and of course, it’s not Walmart’s fault! It’s my fault for taking it there! We live and we learn. Anyway, I’m here now because my sunroof decided to stop working in the almost closed position- with the flap in the rear still up, if that makes sense... I’m hoping this is something that I can fix on my own and not have to take to the dealership since the closest dealership is more than 4 hours away!!! And I don’t have the money and I’m sure it’s going to co$t a lot since it is, after all, the dealership!!! So... HELP!!! 😧🙁😟

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@Leti1111 welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

The Google custom forum search is pretty good. :wink:

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