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So we live on long island , NY... we leased an outback 3 years ago without knowing anything about prices or doing much research. This year as we are getting ready to return our outback , we are thinking of getting a forester . I came across this forum, and a few others, while doing little bit of a research and i am starting to learn a little bit about what are reasonable prices for what models and interest rates, and money factors, and residual values and I am quite appreciative of all the information you all post on here.
So I started emailing and calling dealers to get some of this basic info, and I must say I am very surprised how reluctant most of the dealerships and salespeople are to giving out these Money Factor numbers, and Residual Value estimates. Most of them are either giving me incomplete and muddy information, or non at all. Almost all insist on " you have to come to the showroom " . I guess that is eventually what I will have to do. I was just wondering if it is a common occurance/behavior by dealers ? or is it a particular longisland/north-east thing since subaru sell so well in these parts so dealers have an attitude about them. I have half a heart already to go with a rav 4 or crv, but I just like subarus so much.

Also, what tips would you guys give me when we do go in for a lease. We want to get a Forester Premium with the blind spot and heated seat package. MSRP seems to be mid 29k... would it be reasonable to make a flat 28k offer for a 36 month/12k miles a year?

I apologize if I sound too obviously clueless, that would be only because I mostly am.
Thank you all in advance


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