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2014 Forester XT High-torque CVT
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Well, the day had to come... a day of many firsts.

My first Subaru (technically- I had an FR-S before this)
My first AWD car (technically- I had a Toyota 4x4 back in college, and a classic Cherokee as well)
My first automatic (still not sure how I feel about that...)
And without a doubt... my first turbo!

2014 Forester XT. It's a bit high mileage (85k, yikes!) and my all-time least favorite color (silver, but that can be fixed), and perfect in every (other) way.

I'm really into that turbo bit. This thing's awesome.

Oh, and it came with a tow bar. That'll matter as soon as I get the bike rack chucked in there!

Short term plans are rubber floor mats, since I got this thing for snowboard trip and camping, a rack so I can throw things up there, a cargo cover because I live in Oakland, and some sort of flair to make it not blend in quite so much.

No, seriously- we wandered around the parking lot at the ski hill for 20 minutes yesterday trying to figure out *which* silver Subaru was ours...

Down the line, I'd like to stiffen up the suspension a bit so it doesn't roll so much in the corners, maybe get fancy with wheels and/or tires, and maybe even revisit this color thing. Oh, and a COBB access port! If that thing is half as good as the OFT I had on the FR-S, it'll be amazing.
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