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2004 Forester XS
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We are new happy owners of a used 2004 Forester XS! With a lotta miles...! Have been lurking on CL for quite a few months looking for just this model.

Considered other mini-SUVs, crossovers, new/used, hybrid/full-dino options, but kept coming back to looking for a reasonably taken care of used 04/05 XS and found one a couple of weeks ago and brought home.

Happy to finally be part of the family.

Looking for any suggestions on care/maintenance for 154K miler. No maint records, but looks amazingly well cared for 'ol scubie. First order of business I should think is an inspection then high mileage service. Still learning the characteristics - sounds, handling, etc. We don't have facilities here (apartment living) for basic maint like oil change, etc so can't do much at home.

Considering a dealer maintenance go-over, quoted charge is $460-500 at Liberty Subaru. Sounds steep and not sure what this covers. Only couple of separate things noticed so far: faint valve noise on mild acceleration at speed and noise from drive joints (at wheel?) at a tight turning circle.

Sorry if wrong topic in forum, is there another topic in this forum I should post to for just purchased, used scubies?

We love our scubie, that's a fact!

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester! Post up a picture so we can look it over. :wink:

As to maintenance. You say no service history, so the biggie was the timing belt change, with associated parts at 105K miles. This is one service you don't want to put off. If the belt breaks, the engine is toast! There's aso the transmission, differentials, coolant, brake fluid & spark plugs. Lots of maintenance to catch up on. :icon_eek:


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