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2010 Forester xt
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Hi all - new to all this so looking for some advice. I posted this in general forum then spotted this thread.

I had a few questions... Details of car and tow after questions.

1. How much weight can I put in car as luggage (ie holiday gear)? Does this include people weight?
2. How much weight can I carry in camper?

So now the details based off my research.
- bought 2010 forester xt. Can tow 1600kg.
- got Subaru tow bar (50x50) which seems to only have max tow weight of 1400kg
- xt weighs about 1550kg
- camper trailer is goldstream wing2. Weighs about 960kg
- cargo would be two adults 2 toddlers and holiday gear.

Thanks all :icon_razz:

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