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Hi all - new to all this so looking for some advice. Ill ask my questions before giving details in case I waffle.

1. How much weight can I put in car as luggage (ie holiday gear)? Does this include people weight?
2. How much weight can I carry in camper?

So now the details based off my research.
- bought 2010 forester xt. Can tow 1600kg.
- got Subaru tow bar (50x50) which seems to only have max tow weight of 1400kg
- xt weighs about 1550kg
- camper trailer is goldstream wing2. Weighs about 960kg
- cargo would be two adults 2 toddlers and holiday gear.


2010 Forester XT Premium
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The number you are looking for is the GVWR, you can find it (at least in the US) on the drivers door jamb

From your info, the trailer weight appears to be within Tow specs, however, you will need to check your manufacturer build sheet to see what on the trailer is included in the stated weight. Some trailer manufacturers do not include the weight of any "accessories" even if factory installed, there are websites out there that will give approximate weight of Awning, A/C, Microwave, etc. So take the base weight, and add all accessories installed on the unit for unloaded weight, You must also include the weight of the Propane, and any water you carry. At 1kg per liter it will add up. (Remember that at the end of a trip, you will probably be carrying waste water) Propane is about .5kg per liter.

Also remember that all the stuff in the trailer adds up, food, beer, wood, etc. One strategy is to load the thing up for a trip and weight it on a truck scale.

The GVWR is the weight of the car, full of fuel, with passengers, cargo AND the transfered weight of the trailer (tongue weight) to the vehicle.

While I am not positive (some else help here) the Subie curb weight does include all fluids (fuel oil etc). This did not used to be the case with some manufacturers. For our example lets assume it does.

So take your weight, spouses weight, kids weight, car seat weight, luggage weight, Fidos weight, and tongue weight of trailer (usually about 10 to 15% of trailer loaded weight. Add it all up and you will get your GVWR

Like the cereal box warning, contents sold by weight, not by volume, the car may be at max before you pack it to the roof (on on the roof)

Now go and do your math homework

Good Luck

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