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2019 Forester Sport CVT
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Hey! Picked up my first Subaru just over a month ago, a 2019 Forester Sport. Decided to order the vehicle with the options I wanted and in Dark Blue Pearl, couldn't be happier with the color. It was well worth the 2 month wait to get the vehicle just how I wanted. Subaru Corporate sent out some really fun updates along the way, really fun process.

While this is MY first Subaru, my wife has a 2018 Outback, her second Subaru (her first car ever was a Legacy, way back in the day).

Looking forward to camping, mountain biking, and various road trips around the Midwest and beyond with the Forester. Already ordered a 1" lift kit from ADF and can't wait to start putting a few more mods on the Forester. I just have to be sure the Outback gets some love too while I have fun adding mods to the Forester.
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