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I posted this on the legacy site but im more of a forester guy so i figured i would post it here too. hope you dont mind. :Banane17:

So i bought a 2005 LGT (160,000 miles) with a blown up turbo the other day. I finally got it in the garage and the turbo take off. The car was blowing oil out the exhaust. when i pulled the intercooler off i could see that the turbo intake side and the intake has standing oil in it. Looks like i will be pulling the motor. ill do head gaskets, timing set, and pull the oil pan.

is there anything else i should do to the motor while it have it tore apart so something like this doesnt happen again? I will get a new turbo. probably a vf40 or vf46. I will be keeping the car stock because it will be sold and it is an automatic.

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