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2003 Forester 5 speed
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Hello Forester people! This is my first Subaru, and i'm very excited about it. Its in decent condition for the year as far as rust, and for have 202k miles the motor runs great! Some chatter on start in the cold, but once those pistons get lubed up it purs like a kitten. The previous owner told me it gets a cel for the gas cap, so I've ordered a replacement. I feel like that'll solve codes P0442, P1443 and definitely P0457. I've also read that the filler neck gets some corrosion/evap lines dry rot. I plan on smoke testing it next week, or this weekend if I can get a smoke machine to my shop that fast. It desperately needs a clutch, won't move at all in any gear, so the throw out bearing did its job. I bought the Exedy kit KSB04 to replace everything.

I also have a code for fan performance P0483, but i haven't yet had it running long enough to see if its overheating, or whats going on with the fan. I feel like that cars sat for at least 6 months, but any info on this CEL would be awesome.

Is there anything I should be aware of?

While i'm doing the clutch is there anything else I should look into while I have everything torn apart or replace while i'm there?

I plan on doing the timing belt once the weather gets better, making it a weekend job, I found the link to all the parts and what to replace while i'm doing that on here already.

I'm just really glad to be apart of this community, and appreciate any initial advice I can get.


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