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I'm ordering new tires and they want me to call first before they will ship. I have a 2010 Forester XT and ordered 235/55R17 tires to go on my stock rims. Will this be a problem?
I was thinking of ordering aftermarket wheels with this tire size. Which size wheel and offset?
17X7" +48 offset
17X7.5" +48 offset
17X8" +48 offset


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Have you gone here to see how your stock tires/wheels compare to what you want to go to? :confused:

My first though is that 235 might be too wide for the stock +48 offset. I'm running 235/45-18, +42 offset on my '07 & 235/50-17, +40 offset the '03. :smile:

My trusted tire guy said for 235, 7.5" is optimal, so you could go on either side of that. :wink:


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