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New switches

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Before I decided to make my switch panel I looked into how much a decent second hand centre consul would cost before drilling into my one as this is where its going so i could replace back to std if needed.
The main reason for the switch panel is stop unwanted activation of H/L boost and Anti-Lag which mainly happens when lifting heavy shopping from the passenger seat to the drivers door, and when I leave the dog in the car for more than 20 seconds . plus its cool because they are the proper switch protection from Jet fighters and not cheap tat that you get in batmans car .
I appreciate this not for everyone but I had to do something to keep me entertained over xmas.:laugh:


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I have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation so apologise for the pooppost but they remind me of these switches.... (0:08s) :grin2:

1 - 1 of 6 Posts