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new suspension

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this is my new to me wrx struts and lowering springs. This setup gives the car about a 4 or more inch drop. added a pic from before too.


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thanks man! and when i bought them from the previous owner and they were on the struts already he said they where skunk2
It looks nice, but I would think it rubs horribly -- does it?

yes it rubs but not nearly as much as you would think from the picture. it really only rubs on the wheel liner
Have you tried cornering hard? Seems it'd be rubbing on the rear fender lip. IMO, you need really stiff springs to get away with being that low, but to each his own. It does look very nice.

full lock it doesn't rub on the fender lip.
yeah i plan on getting wheels unsure of which ones yet. may pick up one of my friends 02 wrx stock wheels for the time being.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts