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Hi All-

We just got a new 2019 Forester Limited. Not only is it our first Forester, but it's actually our first Subaru. About 6 months before I met my now wife, I bought a 2012 VW 2-door GTI. It was a great bachelor car, but it wasn't such a great car when child #1 arrived. Putting a kid into a car seat in the back of a 2-door is no easy feat! With child #2 on the way, we decided it was time to get a larger, safer family car.

1 week in, it's been a mixed bag. We've had some issues with the rear lift gate and the Starlink system. But other than those things, it's been pretty good. I've already benefitted from this Forum and all your collective expertise (particularly getting the rear lift gate to open following the dreaded 3 beeps).

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