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2005 Forester Manual
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Joined because I have an older model that will need updating.

Next step will be checking for head gasket leak.

2005 Forester, $3000. 180,000 miles. I have no problems swapping engine, fly wheel, bla, bla, bla.

All other craiglist outback/foresters at that price range have problems. You never know until you look at it. Some of these cars were hours away.
This car was local, interior good, and I felt the price was right for the condition it was in, so why not. If you think I over paid, you need to take a look at the other options at that price range.
$3000 for a working vehicle is pretty good. I've seen, no AC (hey man, this is a desert, what are you doing without AC), engine blown, transmission blown, bla bla bla.
Yes, this engine has high mileage, but what doesn't at my price range.

Oh, and another thing, I only want manual. None of this CVT, AT. Why? Because Scotty Kilmer said so. :grin2:
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