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Hey guys,

I used to browse NASIOC back when I had my '14 WRX hatch. Got rid of it recently for an '18 6MT Forester in SWP! I wanted something that was more economical with gas and insurance. I definitely needed something that was more suited for the outdoors as I do a lot of camping, fishing and maybe even hunting in the near future.

Overall I am super happy with the car. I'm averaging around 27.5 MPG going to work and hitting 30+ MPG on highways. In the future I plan on installing the OEM roof rails, Colin Shread tail lights (if I can find them), and probably going with a set of Method VT-Spec MR502s/KO2s in 215/75/15 at the stock height (I think they should fit). As well as a bunch of small miscellaneous interior/exterior dress up items.

I do miss my WRX a bit but I think overall I am happier with the Forester. Glad to be part of this community now!


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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:


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