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I'm a proud new owner of a:

2010 Forester 2.5X Premium All Weather Black.

I want to do some mod but have a few questions.

Fog lamp kit - Is it plug and play? Is there any wiring or splicing needed? My fiance is worried I may void the warranty.

STi pedal - Will it fit on the forester?

Subaru ' 09 Forester STi High Performace Pedal Pad Set

Your help is appreciated.

2018 2.5i Premium CVT
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It's awfully difficult to 'void the warranty!' You have to really work at it. That term should be purged from the language. :icon_wink:

Even if you really mess up a DIY project, it will only affect the warranty that applies to that aspect of the vehicle. Though the more grotesque the problem is, the less accommodating the dealer is likely to be. In other words, if you add fog lights, create a bad short, and fry the electrical system, that's your fault. But if the steering wheel falls off at the same time, that's still covered.

For more info, check out this sticky in the New Member Introductions Forum.
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