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2003 forester x auto
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Hi to all...
NEW...... to Subaru
NEW...... to Forester
OLD....... bought an old one the forum Cornwall UK, been here all my life.

My new-old car is a standard 2ltr non turbo gls auto in black and I love it.The boot is already groaning under the weight of tools and junk for work....fence posts....wire...shovels...spanners...grease guns...tractor parts...concrete blocks etc and it still flies round fields and up bumpy farm tracks a bit too fast cos I am always running a little late for the next job and its great on the road too.

All the car I ever needed but never had!!!:woohoo:

I will be giving the car a fair bit of abuse as a work horse so I will probably be back for advise on repairs in the not too distant future.

Wish me luck

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