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1998 Forester
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Just wanted to say "Hello!" to everybody. I have owned since October 1997 one of the first Foresters (1998 model) sold in the USA. The car has around 110,000 on it, and is a white (all the early Foresters were white) 5 speed. The only extras are Cruise control (fitted by the dealer), a towing hitch, and a stone deflector which I fitted after losing 2 windshields to stones in the first 9 months. Until 3 days ago this car had run like a Swiss clock requiring only a replacement clutch (under warranty) at around 20,000. Then the dreaded MAF sensor went bad and I was left stranded, fortunately in my own driveway! This prompted me to go online and I discovered this very informative site.

As a family we also have a 2008 fully loaded Outback, and in past years had a 1990 Legacy Wagon and a 2003 Forester which blew out a front tire at 70 mph and lost a battle with a crash barrier after 160,000 miles.

Cheers, Golfnsail (which says it all!)
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