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New member stuck in TN - any local shop recommendations?

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Greetings all. I’m in the middle of caravaning from Virginia to Texas and my stepson’s Forester is giving him problems. We replaced a cracked radiator yesterday and drove 500 miles. Towards the end of the day, his car started to overheat and rather than pull over, he drove for about 10 minutes with the temperature gauge pegging hot. As you might imagine, at the very least we have gasket problems. It’s Sunday and the Fourth of July falls this week so we may be in Chattanooga for a while trying to get the car repaired. I will scan the forum for local shops and would greatly appreciate any recommendations.
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Welcome to the forums @ccryan67.

What year forester are you driving?

Un/Fortunately Kelly Subaru will be your best bet for the pinch you are in.

Unfortunately in its the only one in the immediate area...
Fortunately, because you have a Subaru Dealership in the area...

I couldn't locate a Subaru "only" independant shop in Chattanooga.

Hope things work out and you can be on your way again... Keep us posted.


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