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2004 Forester XS
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Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself.

About my Subaru:

2004 Subaru Forester XS. Black. Originally purchased new by my parents in late 2003. While driving it in 2004, my dad was in a very bad accident where he was struck by a mini van. Though he was knocked unconscious, he was fortunately not seriously hurt. The car, however, received substantial frame, engine and electrical damage. In a poor attempt to save a buck, the insurance company did not total the car. Six months and over $30,000 in repairs later, they finally turned the car back over to us. My parents purchased a Ford Ranger in late 2007 and at that point I began to occasionally borrow the Subaru. (I primarily use public transportation b/c it is subsidized by my job)

Major Maintenance:

Early 2008 - Distributor and spark plug wires replaced, done by Self
Late 2008 - o2 sensors and cats replaced, done by Dealership under Federal Warranty
Early 2009 - Passenger side rear wheel bearing replaced, done by stealership
Early 2010 - Coolant water pipe corroded. repair done by DPS Tuning

About me:

I am currently earning my J.D. with the hopes of one day practicing patent law. During the day, however, I work for the Department of Commerce as a Statistician. My love for cars is more based on a love for technology than a need for speed. While doing my undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering, I got the opportunity to take several courses relating engines and vehicles. I've pretty much had the car addiction since then. After undergrad, I took Automotive Technology classes at my community college to give myself a more practical side to my theoretical background. I have also taken the ASE A1 Engine Repair test towards my ASE certification. All this said, I've never done any difficult work on this (or any) Subaru. While I have a solid background in both the technical and practical aspects of auto repair, I find that my knowledge is very nominal compared to experienced mechanics and gear heads. My main vehicle (though very very rarely driven) is a 1990 Nissan 300zx.

Anyways, I'm hoping to soak up as much as I can about maintaining and repairing Subarus. My family is having some overheating issues with the 2004, and I am going to invariably be called on to fix the problem. After being a (semi-fanatical) member of 300zx forums, I know how valuable forums like these are to a DIY mechanic.


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Welcome, Bob! We have lots of members here from the Balto-Wash-NoVa area. You can find out about current doings in the area from the massive (118 pages and counting) MD, VA, PA thread.

You've already done the first thing we ask of new members, and that's to provide an honest to goodness geographical location in your profile. The next thing that would be useful is to put the vital info about your Forester into your signature. Year, model, and transmission type should do it. That lets us do a better job targeting our answers to any of your questions, and it makes it so that you don't have to remember to include this info in the text of your posts if you’re asking for assistance or advice. You can get to both signature and profile by pulling down Quick Links from the tan bar above.

In case you haven't already come across it, we've got a great FAQ sort of thread called Common problems, need your help! that everybody ought to become familiar with. It will point you to some of the best posts on how to deal with a lot of the more common situations you might encounter. And also look at the stickies up at the top of each forum's listings for answers to many of the most significant aspects of owning a Forester. Start with the stickies here at the New Member Introductions forum for info about Foresters in general and about how this place works.
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