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2001 Forester S Automatic
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Hello everyone!

Just bought my 3rd Subaru, a 2001 Forester S.

My previous Subarus were a 2008 Legacy Spec B w/ Stage 2 (im on and a 2011 Legacy 2.5i CVT.

The Spec B I sold to my brother when I got a work truck, and I give back the 2011 Legacy on lease return at the end of December. The 2.5i was my wifes car that I replaced with a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium.

I've since changed jobs, and no longer have a work truck (for now). I needed something basic to get to work, and started looking in the local classifieds (kijiji) for something cheap.

I wasn't looking for another Subaru but this one caught my eye. It was listed the night before I bought it, and didn't have much interest as it was an "AS-IS" dealer trade in they were just dumping.

I took it for a ride, to my brothers shop. Once we got it on the hoist, it was clear to my and my brother and all the other mechanics in the shop that this needed to be bought right now.

Long story short;

2001 Forester S
-198,700 kms (thats like 15,000kms a year)
-MINOR rust in rear wheel well arches
-Even the exhaust looks l
-99% of the bolts look NEW in the motor bay.
-Even the motor bay is super clean, no discolouration on rails or firewall from 14 years of driving!!
-wet/leaking power steering rack/hose
-2 bad tie rods
-rear wiper motor shot
-left side passenger window motor bad
-broken roof clock (arent they all heh)
-CEL for EVAP/GAS CAP (cleared that and hasn't come back)
-CEL P0037 for Bank 1 Sensor 2 oxygen sensor heater element has failed
*I found that the wire to the rear o2 sensor has frayed and is causing a ground
-Tires are bad.

I'm amazed that the forester is in as good a shape as it is!! I can say this is the best deal I've ever had on a used car before, even with the parts/work I need to put in. I'm actually excited to get this thing on the road!

I found in the manual, the original owners info, as well as the first 10-15 gas fill ups and the mileage he was getting. I think I bought some old mans baby.


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