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New member from California thinking of getting an older Forester

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Hello all, I'm a long time Subaru owner and fan. I'm joining because I'm thinking of getting an older Forester as a cheap DD that I can sleep in the back of comfortably. If anyone has any suggestions on post to check out let me know. I'm looking for a general consensus of what year is best and what model I should look for. So far I'm looking at trying to find a 2008 xt limited. Looking forward to everyone's input.
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Definitely get the XT, it has a different and more reliable 2.5, no headgasket issue.
The 2006 - 2008 XT's look the same, the 2004 - 2005 look similar.
See the For Sale section for my ad and others for sale in California.

I camped in the back of mine, it worked well.

Also see my write up about mods for sleeping in the Foz at:
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