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2005 Forester X
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Hi guys!!!!
I am a new Subie Forester owner, my last Subaru was a 1997 Impreza OBS. I am a VW guy but have slowly gotten into the Subarus because of how well engineered, simple and easy to work on they are. I appreciate how things make sense!

My first post was in the WTB since I am looking for some tweeters for my 2005 Forester X and we'll see how that goes!

I also just installed an all leather kit because the cloth ones were trashed. I had a hell of a time figuring out the rear seats, especially the seat backs so here's my tip! When removing the rear seats in a 2003-2005 Forester first remove the bottom cushion, which is held on with two bolts, one on each side, under a plastic cap, then there's a catch in the middle which you can release by pushing in, towards the rear, and down and then pulling. The catch is a PITA sometimes. Then you can remove the middle bolts in the seat backs, there are two per back in the middle bracket, then bring the seat back down to about 110 degrees, or towards where the bottom cushion used to be and the little latch will align with its hole and allow you to slide it out towards the inside of the car! So there! It won't take you forever to figure that out!
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