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I finally managed to snag one. It's not 100% perfect to what I wanted, but at the end of the day I am loving it all the same.
ALL the pics:
A new to me 2006 Forester XT Limited 5spd with 146k miles. I've been searching for one on and off for around 8 months and kept finding them on the west coast, while I am on the east coast. While I wouldn't mind shipping it across the country, something didn't sit well with me in buying a car sight unseen even with a Pre-purchase inspection.

So I kept looking. Finally this popped up, overpriced (in my opinion), but I wanted it. So I snagged it. 2 car owner, nice maintenance record, solid used car dealership (to quote the mechanic who did my pre-purchase inspection: "I know the rap car dealers get, but these guys seem honest and the work they did on the car wasn't skimped out on."

Work done on the car:
1) New ceramic brakes (dealer)
2) Replaced Valve Cover gaskets and stem seals (dealer)
3) Clutch and clutch master cylinder replaced at 105k mi
4) Serpentine Belt replaces at 86k
5) Axle(s) replaced at 125k
6) License Plate Bulb replaces at 135k (super importante)

Let's talk about fun: This car is a hoot. I took it for a test drive before I signed the paperwork and I floored it. The car took off. For a vehicle with 146k miles, the age barely shows. Everything works (aside from the heated seats, which I'm ok with). AC works. The car flies - seriously, it's quick. The clutch is heavy AF but grabs right away and there's no slip. It makes my Mustang (which I'm selling) redundant since I have the vette. This car is amazing and I already see myself sinking thousands to keep it alive.

It's in great shape for a 13 year old car. External dings but nothing bad. A few paint splotches, but again, nothing bad. All in all I found a car I can now use in the winter (and wash religiously to stop it from rusting) that is a blast to drive. The sunroof is an amazing little quality of life benefit. The car is a frickin' rocketship bubble where you can see all. I love it.

Bonus: Got to see two Ferraris. One on the way down to Philly from NYC, and one on the way back. Pretty lucky stuff!
If anyone has words of wisdom on what to look out for with the car... let me know!
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