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G'day. Pleased to join the Subie Forum. Drive a 2019 Forester premium, which in New Zealand means all the bells and whistles including 18 inch wheels. I believe the more rubber between me and the road the better so had the dealer swap the wheels to 17 inch. I have been looking at a 2 inch lift but all research I have done to date indicates that Subarus with rear sub assembly have low speed drive train vibrations at about 20 mph due to alignment issues with the CVT. That figures because the lift kits lift the engine etc by 2 inches but can only lift the rear body but not the sub assembly. I don't want to jeopardise the warranty so will do without the lift but will put skid plates in place of the place of the flimsy plastic. The NZ Foresters come with 225/60r17 Bridgestone Dueler SP and, I have replace them with new Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus 225/65r17 which takes ground clearance to 232mm (9 1/4 inch). The car looks much better with this tyre with only a negligible increase in road noise on sealed roads and significantly better grip off road especially on steep gravel and rocky tracks. The Pirellis are also 3 Peak snow rated so looking forward to the Ski season. This is my eighth Subaru and apart from the crappy approach angle I am quite pleased with it. The 1/2inch lift from the bigger tyres increases the approach angle to about 25 degrees.

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@Gavinbaker welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

The Google custom forum search is pretty good. :wink:

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