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New j-pipe and emissions

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I was wondering for the people that swapped in a new j-pipe have you guys had any issues passing smog? I’m in Cali and I know they are pretty strict about this stuff just wondering if i’m gonna run into any issues down the line.
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The cat efficiency low code can be tuned out. You need a tune for this mod.

How strict is Cali with the visual inspection?
Thanks! Cali is stupid strict! I’ve heard people have been having issues with their CVTs after getting tuned. Would you guys advised me to avoid performing this mod?
I don't know about Cali, but where I am in Eastern PA if the car is a '96 or newer (with OBDII port) they just check for codes. No code, you pass emissions. Other than Inspection considerations it's up to you, but the new Jpipe will need a custom tune which can be pricey. Every tuner I've spoken to says the CVT can barely handle the stock 2.0DIT's power / vehicle weight, but I haven't broken mine yet. I thought I did, but it looks like it was a vacuum leak and computer issue. I hope!

Go to your inspection station and tell them you're considering a custom tune and exhaust. Ask what is and isn't an issue for inspection. That's what I did.
Pretty much in Cali if the aftermarket part that have a carb sticker then it won’t even pass the visual test. They also have to run a full emission test on the dyno... You really can’t play in Cali 😞
If you don''t know what you're doing, nor that you even need a tune for this mod, then I would hold off.

Have you ever heard of data-logging? Serious question.

Stage 1, after learning how to data-log, is the first mod anyone new-to-power-mod's should go for. After you see that your engine is handling Stage 1 nicely, then you can go for more aggressive mod's.
Thanks for the feedback man but I already knew that I was gonna need a tune with the jpipe. I was already talking to a few tuners about it. A few of them talked me out of doing the mod but ray from turbotek said the cvt should be fine as along as you keep the torque under 300. But with everything there will always be a risk involved.

I am new to messing around with fi and tuning. But I am not mechanically inclined and know how to research before I commit to things.
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