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Monday evening (Nov. 12) we take possession of a 2019 Forester Sport. It will replace a 2015 Outback 2.5i Premium that has been in the shop 2 weeks. It needs a door replaced because a neighbor backed into it and damaged it enough that the door couldn't be repaired.

Now we're not replacing it because of the door. We wanted to sit higher, have more glass and other things a newer car provides. Being in a rental car, we don't care for BTW, just helped push us to a decision we'd been contemplating for a year now.

The new chassis of the Forester was the selling point. It just rides better, for us, than the 2015 Forester we test drove prior to deciding on the Outback.

We wish we had more dealerships in our town. The next dealership is about 40 to 45 miles away.

For Doctor Who fans, we will miss Idris (the name of our Outback) and are looking for a new name. We name each car. it takes time. This time we are looking at mythical dragon names (dragons who are white) so we will see what turns up from the world of fantasy.
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