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How's it going guys/girls?

My name is Bryan or Bry and I'm from Charlotte, NC. I just purchased my 2010 Forester 2.5X Premium 2 months ago. This is also my first Forester, 5th Subaru, and 11th or 12th car overall (I may have a problem). My last crossover was an 01 Xterra and did the off-road thing but now I make more money and can do better things lol. As I said I'm not new to Subaru, Ive owned a 2005 Legacy GT wagon, 2000 2.5RS sedan, 2012 WRX Hatch, and a recently sold 2003 WRX wagon. I honestly wanted an XT with a manual but they became increasingly hard to find because I am picky.

My SH is 1 owner from up north so unfortunately the exhaust had been hit with tons of rust but I'll put that in my build post, and the car had just over 105k. It's also a 5 speed which I've been told is somewhat uncommon but maybe you guys will know more than me.

For work/side work Im a photographer, mostly automotive. I'll list my Instagram if anyone is interested!
IG: @_bry_90 and @btm_graphix

Im looking forward to meeting and picking some of your brains.
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