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Hello, my name is Rudy, I live in the burbs outside Detroit. I am T-3/4 paraplegic and drive with hand controls. I am on my 3rd Subaru in about 6 years, I had a 2002 forester I got a good deal on from my buddy's mom. Thinking it was rather lame and just another driver, but I fell in love with it, especially in the snow up here. Like every other vehicle driven in Mi, our terrible roads and salt got the best of her, and I upgraded to an 02 outback. I loved the extra room, but the oil leaking directly on the exhaust got tiresome after a couple-three years. This time I sought out a "more fun" daily driver, in the form of an 02 Forester XT, with an automatic of course as I can't use my legs. I transfer myself into the car from my chair, take the wheels, cushion, side guards off, put them in the back seat, then put the ultralight z-frame titanium wheelchair on the passenger seat. I bought the car for $5k, it has 140k, a new timing belt, a new radiator, turbo (killed by the catted up-pipe?) new tires and brakes. It seems to run and drive pretty well, the only extra things I've picked up are the mirror gussets/weather stripping and a cabin filter.... I do as much work of my own as I can, if I can reach it I try to do it myself. I've built several other cars, a mustang, a model A roadster pickup, and have had a few more model A's (I plan to build another coupe traditional hot rod) a 49 chevy Fleetline, a dually pickup I've put air ride on, etc. I sold them all but plan on starting another project soon, I've always wanted to build an early pinto with a nasty 2.3 Turbo Setup, to embarrass people for fun.

I drive around 30-40k per year, I plan to do some minor stuff like exhaust, up/down pipe, STI top mount, maybe slightly lower the car to make my transfer easier. I already picked up Some leather seats to replace the stock seats, they are like Velcro and turn my pants sideways when I get in. Maybe a GFB BOV for that ricer sound lol when I do the larger IC.

Anyhow, I've enjoyed lurking recently and look forward to getting to know some folks of similar interest...

Thanks!! Rudy
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