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1999 Nissan Sentra
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Whats up guys,

My name is Connor and unfortunately I have no forester! Currently I have two Nissan Sentras, a '99 SE-L and a '92 SE-R but the SE-R is for sale. Once the SE-R is gone I'll be in the market to buy a Forester as a daily/work vehicle. I hope to learn alot about what to look for in a used Forester and what sort of aftermarket is available for them.

My budget will be ~$7K tops, and have found '98 to '04 models in my price range with mileage from ~80K miles to ~180K miles. What should I know about standard wear items, common problems, and major tune up parts?

Thanks for all you help and I look forward to spending some time here! :biggrin:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts