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This evening, my month old XT was in a fender bender. My first new car and it only made it to 1600 miles before someone damaged it. :icon_frown: My dad was driving it and as he was going through an intersection, when the guy in front of him stopped in the intersection. It seems there was an ambulance about to come through. My dad managed to stop without hitting the guy, but after stopping the guy threw his full size delivery van in reverse in backed into my XT. I don't think it was a hard impact (I wasn't in the car though), but after making contact he continued to push my car back about 3 feet. My dad was on the brakes the whole time trying to avoid being pushed into the guy behind him.

As I've had little experience with AWD, i'm curious if there could have been any damage done to the drivetrain by the car being pushed backwards by the van. It was snowing and wet if that makes a difference. If it is possible that there could be damage, what's the best way to inspect/determine such? Is there some tests/diagnostics the dealer can do? I just want to avoid problems down the road after this is settled and then I'm stuck with some massive bill for drivetrain repairs that stemmed from this. I haven't driven it yet, but I rode back with my dad it felt like it rode funny to me, but it is very reasonable that I'm just imagining things because I'm worried about it being damaged.

It's dark and snowing right now and I can't get a proper look at things, but thus far the body damage looks minimal. Some scuffing and the bumper is dented. But the car is wet and it's dark, so who knows what I'll find in the morning.

Any personal experience or insight you guys could offer is greatly appreciated. Even thoughts on what items/areas to check when dealing with a hit to the front end are appreciated. Thanks in advance guys,

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