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Drove off the dealer lot on May 31, 2017 with new Forester 2017 with Eyesight. Sold my 2001 Toyota Tundra with 84K miles for down payment.
I like everything except: Battery, low cranking amps. What type of battery do most of you have ? Cranking amps ?
I got a trailer hitch installed but it does make noise on bumps. Any ideas as to solve that other than removing it ?
What would be the maximum tongue weight for pulling small trailers ?
Rack on top-what is the maximum weight load up there ?
Three year free maintenance expires 5/31/2020. Should I continue to have it serviced by the dealer or who else ?

The name is Sid from Jefferson, Louisiana (a suburb right outside New Orleans)

2007 Forester Sports XT 4EAT
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@Copout welcome to the forum from Oregon!

You can ask your technical questions here:
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