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New Forester

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Three days now with a 2010 Forester Premium Trim Level . Not my first rodeo. Traded in a 2002 Outback with 160,000 miles. Going to run Dino oil until the second oil change-about 5000 miles and then go with Mobil 1. Going to go the synthetic route on the Trans and Diffs when they are due for service as well. I do about 25-30 k miles a year. Like the vehicle.
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the new Forester! Post up a picture so we can look it over. :wink:


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Welcome to the forum. You don't need to wait to add synthetic
Welcome, and enjoy your new Forester:Banane08:.
Welcome to the forum from Florida.
Congrats on your purchase -welcome from OH.
Welcome to the forum from Ky.
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