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Depending on how you count it, we've either had 3 or 4 Subarus in the family. First one was an '01 Outback, sold this year with about 240K miles. TBH after going through three kids and a bunch of northern IL winters the thing had about had it but it was still running. Second, a 2011 Legacy which I drove until this year and gave, looking and acting essentially brand new at over 100K miles, to one of the kids as a replacement for the Outback. Another of the kids has a Crosstrek, thankfully housed outside of the snowbelt.

Finally, there's my new Forester. I've always wanted one - all the Subaru good stuff plus all that glass - but past models have been just a little too small. Not any more. Ours is three months old now and I can't remember when we didn't have it. And with just enough of the new-model gremlins and Subaru quirks to make forums like this an absolute essential. Glad you're here. Glad to be here.
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