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Hello all,
I just stumbled upon this site thru google. I singed a contract for '10 forester two days ago. waiting to take delivery and driving a outback loaner in the mean time. I wish i had known about this site earlier i could've saved some money. I have two questions:
1. I was pressured to get a extended wrnty, but did not sign up for one as the prices i thought was too high. 6/100K for2224. Is there a place i can get this wrnty by subaru cheaper online:icon_mad:?

2. The forester i am going to get did not have the option i wanted and there fore the dealer had to get it from somewhere else and install them for me at his shop. So due to price/budget i forgo some of the options i originally chose. Now compare to the dealer price and some of the vendor price online seemed almost half. Is it because installation cost? Or these parts easy to install by a novice?
parts like to have: aero cross bar
color matched rear spoiler
MOMO shift knob
STI pedal set
Bumper corner moulding
Front/Rear bumper underguard
Wheel locks
Ipod interface
Rear assist sensor/shock switch
Is there a DIY video of some kind on the web for these items to install?
or should i go to dealer what would i expect to pay for install? and do they still cover by warranty?

on final question? What is the best tint i could have since i live in Florida i want a better quality where the tint lasts little longer than 2 or 3 years?

I know it is long! But any helpful answers will be appreciated. This is my 1st subaru i've been a lifelong toyota fan now giving subaru a try. I already like the outback i drive for loaner.

Thanks all!!!!

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Welcome to the Subaru family. I can't answer your questions regarding the extended warrantee(I'm Canadian), but the American members will chime in to express their opinions in no time. Enjoy that Forester when you take delivery.

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I bought my Foz about a month ago and after checking things out a bit more on this site decided I should have also paid less for my warranty. So I decided to write the letter, get it notarized and cancel my extended warranty. I've found a better price on a longer warranty through this forum, I'd post the link for you but don't have enough posts yet to do to. You can find the topic by searching for: extended warranty 2010 and it will be up there at the top of the list.

As far as the purchase and install of the other stuff. You'll find a bunch of info on this site here and some of it is probably novice type stuff, you might just have to dig a little. A member named sea-scooby posted a link to a bunch of install stuff under: DIY, How To ...

Good luck and welcome from Seattle:icon_biggrin:

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Bienvenido from the MIssion.

Congrats on the new Foz! :Banane35:

Tho, I'm sorry you got pressured into paying so much for the extended warranty. Not that extended warranties are bad, but what you paid seems excessive. I do believe there is a place you can get an extended warranty for a better deal, but I don't know of any off the top of my head. You'll get others who might want to chime in on this.

As far as the DIY stuff, the forum is filled to the brim with nothing but DIY folk, who will tell you to simply DIAY (do it all yourself)!

Honestly, most folks will advise that you stay away from the aerobars, because they are a bit flimsier than the aftermarket stuff. If you do search on aerobars you might come across a story where they actually bent with a not-so-heavy load on top.

Again, the shift knob and the pedal set you'll have fun doing yourself, and won't be that difficult. You can buy the parts cheap and save a lot of cash by DIY.

I put on my bumper corner moldings in about 10 minutes. Just made sure the parts were a specific temperature (over 60F), car clean, and the I peeled and pasted. Done.

I can't attest to the simplicity behind the spoiler or bumper underguards. Underguards may require that you actually remove the bumper, but you'll be able to dig/search that one as well. That could be a bigger project.

Wheel locks. Pretty much take the old lugs off and put on the new ones. But honestly, most folks say they're a waste...unless you plan on getting new wheels. Especially the subie locks, not worth the investment. If you really want wheel locks, I'd go aftermarket...but again, if you aren't throwing on brand new wheels, you might not want to go through the hassle. Any good thief who wants your stock wheels can get through subie wheel locks without batting an eyelash. Check this thread--

The Ipod interface may take a bit longer to install, but I would advise against that too. Look into an aftermarket HU or just use the aux connection for your ipod. Read this--

I don't know about the rear assist, but the shock sensor took me all of 30 minutes to install from start to finish. After you install the shock sensor, you will need to get it activated from the dealer. They have to hook up the SSM.

Once you do a search, you'll find everything from vids to step-by-steps. Subaru Tech makes all installation guides available--Free Publications > Accessory Installation Guides

As far as the tint goes, I thought Premiums came with tint. You could pay a few hundred dollars if you're looking for a different tint, and make sure the tint you get isn't too dark or illegal in your state.

Not sure if your mods will be covered by warranty. I think the dealer only covers bumper to bumper on the original items on the vehicle.

Good luck and welcome again! :icon_biggrin:

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More info of 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium

I just bought a 2010 Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium myself last week. So far everything is great. After doing a little research, I am finding that you can buy any Genuine Subaru Accessory on Ebay and also many other websites. These are from other Subaru dealers who are selling their accessories at discounted prices. I bought the upgraded Tweeter kit (which made my stereo sound much better) for $60.00 on Ebay and had it in 3 days. I also found that Mastria Subaru has discounted warranties for sale on Ebay as well. I emailed Don at Mastria and below was his response on the Warranty Costs. He was almost $700 cheaper than what my local dealer could do for me. Many dealers offer warranties from 3rd parties and most are not nearly as good as the Genuine Subaru Warranty.

As for any other accessories you want, simply get the part number from the Subaru Accessory guide and search for this on ebay. You will find that many are from other Subaru dealers and are being discounted heavily. Good luck with finding all the upgrades you want.

Warranty options from Mastria Subaru:

$100.00 Deductible $50.00 Deductible $0.00 Deductible

3yr/45k $295.00 $346.00 $459.00
4yr/60k $495.00 $499.00 $695.00
5yr/60k $595.00 $615.00 $795.00
6yr/60k $795.00 $895.00 $995.00
6yr/80k $995.00 $1195.00 $1295.00
7yr/70k $995.00 $1195.00 $1295.00
5yr/100k $1275.00 $1395.00 $1549.00
6yr/100k $1375.00 $1475.00 $1695.00
7yr/100k $1495.00 $1695.00 $1895.00

Please add: $95.00 for 6 cylinder, $295 for turbocharged, $495 for STi .

Please note that all of these plans are the Genuine Subaru Gold Plus Warranty Plans which are the absolute best extended warranties available from Subaru. These plans are just what the name implies: an extension of the same FACTORY warranty your vehicle currently has, with the added benefits of Trip Interruption Insurance (up to $500.00 for lodging and meals) , Road Hazard Tire Protection, Car Rental Allowance, Towing Allowance, it's also transferable and cancelable. It is these added benefits that make purchasing a genuine Subaru extended warranty a smart move even if your original factory warranty is still active and valid.

The genuine Subaru "Classic Plans" are also available and are priced at $100 less than the prices shown above, for the same term plan. The Classic Plan offer coverage for the Powertrain and Suspension Components, Many Electrical Components and many Air Conditioning Components. While the Classic Plan offers good coverage on many of the items that can get very expensive in the event of a problem, the Gold Plan is really the best bargain in my opinion (especially at only $100 more). I have a comparison chart here in my hand that I'd be happy to send out to you that states that the Classic Plan covers 957 components while the Gold Plus Plan covers 1723 components. The bottom line really is that the Gold Plus Plan is a really an full and complete extension of the coverage your vehicle currently has, while the Classic Plan offers coverage on most of the items that are currently covered under your original factory warranty.

Please also note that when buying a Genuine Subaru Warranty from us, your total cost is reflected above.
All plans are sold TAX FREE , with NO documentation fee's & NO additional hidden costs or charges what-so-ever. The price you see above is your TOTAL cost.

Who are we and why should you buy your genuine Subaru Extended Warranty from us?

We are a large Subaru dealer located in Massachusetts and are happy to provide our on-line customers with any of the Genuine Subaru Plans at these extremely low prices. Our feeling is that if we can provide our customers with a great product at a fantastic price, you will continue to do business with us whenever you need parts, accessories or anything else for your vehicle. Purchasing an extended warranty plan from us is easy! If you'd like to purchase, simply let me know what plan you'd like and your vehicle current mileage. I'll enter the information onto the warranty form and fax it out to you for your review and signature. You fax the form back to me and then we enter your information into Subaru's database and your vehicle will then be fully covered at any Subaru dealer nationwide. Your identification cards will be sent to you directly from Subaru, though your coverage will already be in place and valid. Payment is easy too. We can take your payment right over the phone, or you can use Paypal or a check. It's whatever is easiest for you. I can be reached toll free at (888) 848-4309 or at [email protected]

Subaru also offers a 10 payment plan that many of our customers find convienent. The way it works is that your extended warranty cost is broken up into 10 equal payments. Each month a payment is charged to your card until it is paid for. There is no finace charge or additional cost at all for this option. For example: If you decide you'd like the 6 year 100,000 mile genuine Subaru Gold Plus Extended Warranty Plan with a $50.00 deductible , your total cost would be $1475.00. $1475 divided by 10 comes to 10 monthly payments of $147.50 billed directly to your credit or debit card. Again, No fee's or additional costs what-so-ever for this option.

Either way I'll be happy to help you, Thank you again for your inquiry!

Don Arsenault @ Mastria Subaru - toll free (888) 848-4309

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2010 Subaru Forester 2.5X
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Extended Warranty

One more thing on the extended warranty. If you cancel the warranty you bought within the first 30 days, you can usually get a full refund. Then you can buy one of the Genuine Subaru plans at the discount price.

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Everything you mentioned that you want added is DiY and easy to install EXCEPT the rear spoiler, I would suggest if you're looking at the underguards for the front maybe look into the underspoiler instead. I think the underspoiler makes it look a ton nicer. Take a look at my member journal for some installed parts

Back to the rear spoiler, it's a bit of a pain if you're not too keen on anything DiY. I wrote up some tips in a thread somewhere and I'll try to find them but try searching for rear spoiler template and that should bring up the thread.

edit: fount it
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