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Haven't posted on here in ages. My previous username was Be-Doin. But anyway. Update!!!

My old 2003 Forester... I crashed it back in December. I rear ended someone and my air bags went off. They didn't need to go off. But since I was going fast enough they did. The damage wasn't bad at all. Needed a new bumper mainly and well of course air bags. So as most of you know air bags = totaled out basically. But if you saw her on the street you'd be like. Oh he just had a little bang up. So it really sucked to see her go. Insurance gave me $9000 though.

So I got a 2005 Forester 2.5XS with 75,000 miles in January. I love it. She's got all the goodies. Stick shift too, I love it. It was listed a grand less than the dealer wanted to sell it for online. But they had to give me that price. So I got it for 12 grand. One local owner. Runs fantastic. My dealer did a thorough look over and gave it the go ahead. Then in my 2 month lemon law I managed to find little things wrong. Like a switch that had the light out on it and my rear hatch didn't open fully (needed new support pistons). So I cost that dealer $1500 in little repairs. So they officially hate me haha. But she's perfect now. I've put 4,000 miles on it. Couldn't be happier.

My mom also managed to hit a deer with her 2006 Forester in February. That was a $6000 repair covered by our insurance. So between my car, her car, and the other woman's car that I hit; our insurance went down. I have no idea how. But that's something funny I thought I'd share.

Anyway. I'll probably be here on the community more often again. This is my third Forester now. Subaru's are definitely amazing.

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