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Going to buy an '04-'06 Forester. 20 y/o son (today) has '00 2.5RS Impreza and loves it. Not a big mod guy (yet) but somewhat interested in them, mainly for handling/safety. Live in Ozarks of NW AR so winding/hilly roads, some ice in winter. Somewhat int in performance mods but cost always an issue. Forester w/b wifey's & main family car. Really like this one:

Looks great, lots of mods, s/b a ton of fun to drive. BUT, not being very familiar w/all these mods, looking for advice on how reliable/non-reliable they might be, i.e. will they create need for a lot more maintenance? My mechanic (I haven't worked on cars in 20 years except basic stuff) is good on most stuff but don't think he's a high performance type guy. And I'm 1 1/2 hours from nearest Sub dealer and not sure they're that familiar w/performance mods anyway.

With all these mods, what could most likely go wrong and any pitfalls I don't know about?

Other options are NA, stock, 5 spd's only and then probably begin doing some handling mods. Wifey would really like leather int, which does not seem to be available on '04-'06 5 spd non-turbo's. Anything can be customized of course but cursory look at leather covers seem not to fit power seated models we're looking at.

TIA for any comments from those more familiar with these issues.

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Good luck on your new vehicle search. I agree with funkymonkey1002, stay away from highly MODded vehicles, unless you personally know the owner & its MODding history. :wink:


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