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New 2018 Forester 2.5 oil change

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First off this is my 1st Subaru and never seen a oil filter located on top which is different then what I'm use to but easy access is nice. I did do a forum search and see that its unlikely that I can buy the black oem filter and Subaru has replace with a blue 15208AA15A filter. My question is are most people using the new oem filter or is there something a little bit better to use and do use have to use the crush ring on all filter brands? Thanks.
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I think M1-110A is the best filter around. But then again, I go for longer drain intervals. Ate you talking the crush washer on the drain plug. I see no reason to change them every time. I inspect and reinstall.

I had a 1980 Nissan. I would change it every couple of every 8-10 changes. Never a problem. I am not advocating others do it.
Yes the crush washer, thanks.
I use the blue Subaru filter. It is fine. Because it is manufactured by Honeywell (which also makes Fram), some folks get a bee in their bonnet that it's no good. Bah.

Subarus need a filter with a much higher bypass pressure setting than most filters. There are plenty of filters on the market that will fit our Subarus, but they won't meet the bypass pressure specs that the blue (and unobtainium black) Subaru filters meet. Wix makes a filter that meets pressure specs. I believe that one is also sold branded Napa. I don't know the part numbers.

Just get a Subaru blue filter and forget about it.

You need a new crush washer for the crankcase plug at every oil change. It costs about $2 at the dealer, less in bulk online. Or you can elect to install a Fumoto "quick drain" valve in place of the factory plug. Those are very popular, though I don't use one.
The high bypass value is really kind of irrelevant IMHO. The engine bypass is really kind of a "safety" valve. It doesn't really imply that bc it has a high setpoint the filter with a lower setpoint will bypass more. Both filters will work exactly the same during such times that the engine is not in the bypass mode . And if it does go off how will it affect either filter? No difference IMHO.

The reason I like the Mobil1 filter (I do not use Mobil1 Oil) is bc the filter (in my conversation with an industrial oil engineer in my former life) is more of a "Depth Media" filter.

This means it absorbs lots more dirt than a surface media filter which is what normal oil filters are. But is either filter gonna make a difference in engine life? I doubt it. Oh-one other thing-the mobil1 filter has a stronger wall (thicker wall) I verified this many years ago.
Subaru made changing the oil filter simple and easy, but they made the access to and removal of the oil drain plug a pain the butt:

Suggest you read the following thread, especially if this will be the first oil change for your Forester:
Just make sure you know the difference between the engine oil drain plug and that for the CVT. It will be a very bad day if you get it wrong.
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