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New 2010 2.5X Premium in Newport Blue Pearl

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Hello All!

I am the new owner of a 2010 Fozzie 2.5X Premium. I used to own a 2004 Suzuki XL-7, but I got rear ended while stopped at a yield sign waiting for a whole line of cars to pass. The other guy's insurance totaled my car even though it didn't have any frame damage and could be fixed with the money they offered. Long story short, after lots of frustration and arguing with the insurance, I ended up getting a Fozzie.

Unfortunately, the Fozzie is already starting to fall apart a few weeks after buying it and it only has 70k miles on the odometer. The door locks have gone funky, and some switches have gone funky as well. This irritates me because my Suzuki had 113k miles and it never really had a single problem for 14 years until some imbicile changed that...
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Welcome to the Fozzy family. Sorry to hear that she's giving you trouble. My 2010 has 93,000 km's(57,000 miles) and still runs flawlessly. It's possible that who owned her before you drove it like they stole it.
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Welcome to the Fozzy family. Sorry to hear that she's giving you trouble. My 2010 has 93,000 km's(57,000 miles) and still runs flawlessly. It's possible that who owned her before you drove it like they stole it.
EDIT: Oops. I will move this question to the technical questions forum.

Thank you. The Foz is starting to have more electrical problems now. The front lighter socket (beneath the head unit) seems as though it may have a ground fault. I tried powering my GPS from it and it didn't work. I also have a bluetooth FM radio transmitter which doesn't power on either unless I plug an AUX cable into it and plug the other end into the AUX port inside the center console, thus why I think it may be a ground fault. Last night, when I got into the car, the red ring light around the ignition switch wasn't lighting up, but when I got back in the car after my trip, it worked again. This also seems to be the case with the front door locks--the front driver side door works when it wants to, except the front passenger door has completely stopped working. Do you suspect there is a ground fault somewhere causing all of these issues?
I'm not a mechanic, but with electrical gremlins a good first step is to check the fuses. I don't know what else to check, but if you find a good mechanic/shop, they would likely figure it out. Here's hoping you can figure it out.
I never concluded this discussion. Luckily, I got every issue taken care of.

I believe the issue with the lighter socket was that there was a loose plug under the dash that was about to disconnect at any moment. Simple fix!

As for the door locks, I discovered the issue was with the actuator motors and nothing else. The motors used for the door lock actuators are simple brushed DC motors that you'd find in a cheap RC car, etc. Eventually the contacts got dirty from almost a decade of use (friction between brushes and contacts). It was a pain to do, but I had to pull apart both doors and take out the actuators, then take them apart to reach the motors. The actuators were never meant to be taken apart as the casing/shell seemed to be glued shut at some points. I took out the motors and flushed them out with electric parts cleaner until I was sure they were clean. I then tested the actuators on the car again before piecing them back together. I tried super glue, but to no avail, at which point I simply epoxied the actuator casings back together (I made sure not to overdo it so that I would have some possibility of taking them apart again should the motors fail again). I put the doors back together, and the locks have been working without issue ever since for about 7-8 months now!

I hope this experience might help someone else in case they are greeted with the same issue(s).
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