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2014 Forester 6MT
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Bought a '14 Forester 2.5i Premium with the 6-speed manual a little over a week ago. She has 77,000 miles on her and has been an absolute joy to drive. This is my first Forester and my second Subaru overall. Had an '05 WRX wagon for a while, but it had to go when we had our first kid seven years ago.

I did notice a few small issues while driving it on a long road trip this weekend, so I'm hoping to have those sorted out soon. First sounds like it may be a worn suspension bushing on the front passenger side. I did know about this era of Foresters having possible issues with oil consumption, and it appears that my Forester may have the same issue. I checked the oil level before leaving on Friday and it was at the top hole. About 20 miles from home the low oil light came on. It looked to be a quart low so I stopped in to WalMart to get a quart of 0w20. Drove about 700 miles or so over the weekend so, looks like it's using a lot of oil quickly. Wondering what I need to do to have the issue looked into. Going in to the Subaru dealership in a few days for the Brake Switch recall, so I guess I'll talk to them about it then. I saw there was a class action that had Subaru extend warranty on the engine to 100,000 miles, so I'm hoping that I can have the problem fixed without anything out of my own pocket, as it's going through more oil than my old vehicle that had a leaky rear main seal.

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