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Hey All!

My family has owned both third and fourth gen manual foresters and since relocating to Montana, I've been on the lookout for a decent example second gen of my own! The Mini cooper and Sprinter van I own simply arent adequate for the gravel roads and winters here!

Recently found a very clean 03 Manual XS with 203k for a steal. It came with all service records and was maintained at a subaru dealership for the first 115k, wohoo for having the headgasket replaced! Of note, the pistons and rings were replaced due to high oil consumption while the head gaskets were being done. Picked it up as a bit of a project to keep myself occupied, knowing that it needed a timing belt and a few other things.

So far I'm stoked on it, drives very similarly to the 3rd and 4th gens, at least on the road. I've replaced a window regulator, side mirror glass(pulled the heating element off the broken one and RTV'd it to the replacement), installed an aftermarket head unit, replaced pads/rotors/brake fluid, and have all the fixings to polish the headlights and install an Aisin timing belt kit.

I still need to track down the cause of the inoperative fog lights and identify the source of an "on throttle" noise that I suspect might be originating in the front diff. Noise occurs in all gears at any RPM, on throttle only. Transmissions shifts well and the clutch engagement/disengagement feels as it should, no noise when coasting or revving the engine in neutral. Should be fun to hunt those down!

Anyway! I'm excited to have joined the forum and I'm sure I'll find the wealth of knowledge on here to be useful!

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@Pneumo welcome to the forum from Oregon!

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