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2003 Forester XT 5-Speed Manual
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Hi guys

Just bought an '03 Forester XT, due to Australia Day long weekend the banks aren't open so I won't be picking it up till tomorrow, and I'm definitely eager to get into it!!

Had my Nissan Pathfinder written off after someone crashed into the side of it for me - decided I didn't need a big 4WD for the limited amount off-road driving I did - mostly soft tracks and gravel roads rather than fully off-road, so I decided to 'downsize' to something like a Rav4, Forester, or X-Trail.

Tried an automatic Forester XT, wasn't overly impressed. Didn't really get to test drive it all that well and the guy wouldn't haggle on the price so I walked. Saw one the next day on Gumtree, 2003, manual, $2k less, decided to give it a try. Much better, in my opinion.

Can't wait to pick it up and get driving.. it's a fair bit nippier than the pathy that's for sure!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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