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This is one thread I am going to kill before it gets out of hand, which it will.

Subaru is a publicly traded company, all the information is out there if one takes the time to look.

Google: Subaru of America

I will tell you right now, you will need to:
A.) start with your local dealer
B.) start by calling 1-800-SUBARU-3, than visit local dealer as directed shortly after
C.) look into your states lemon, return, buyback laws
D.) go down Subaru required diagnostic path

Why can't Subaru take her word for it?

I would like to cash in this $5,000 winning lottery ticket, I'll take my 5 grand now. Oh theres no need to check it, it's legit:icon_rolleyes:

Why because there are always people out there trying to cheat the system that think they are entitled to what ever they want when they want it. You can blame the people who break a piston on their modded, tuned or untuned car and return it to stock and try to slip one by and get it fixed under warranty.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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