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I'd like to write a (paper) letter to the top executive at Subaru in charge of warranty policy. Can anyone supply me with his/her name, title and address?

Long story:
My daughter lives way out in the boonies in northern California and for many years has been driving an old four wheel drive pickup truck that keeps breaking down. I recently came into a sizable inheritance and decided to share it with my daughter in the form of a brand new car that would be reliable and not have to worry about it breaking down at inconvenient times. After some research I decided either the Subaru Forester or Toyota Rav4 would fit the bill. Owners of both cars I asked were very positive about both brands. My daughter was insistent that the car have a manual transmission so that ruled out the Toyota.

It now transpires that her new 2014 Forester, now with 3,000 miles, is using a quart of oil every 800 miles. I've bought quite a few new cars and never had any use excessive oil, even during the "break-in" period. The Subaru dealer says they won't even consider excessive oil use until past the 3,000 mile mark. And then the excessive oil issue can't be confirmed until the dealer has witnessed low oil at 800 miles four times in a row.

So, my daughter must return to a dealer four times to have them add a quart of oil. That wouldn't be such a problem for most people. However, the nearest Subaru dealer is 105 miles away and is a 2.5-3.0 hour drive over mountain roads. As a teacher, she can't be taking a day off of work to bring her car to the dealer to have them add a quart of oil. That nearest dealer is not open on Saturday. The nearest dealer that is open on Saturday is located in Oregon 126 miles and 3-4 hours away (each way). So having the dealer add a quart of oil will require 6-8 hours of driving.

Why can't Subaru take her word for it that she is adding a quart of oil every 800 miles? :censored:
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