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Ok a little background info. Bought the car roughly a month ago, drove great for the 4hr trip home and the following day. The next day however I get a CEL, blinking cruise etc...
I baby it for the 7 miles left to get home.
Oil level was correct & could see no signs of anything on the dipstick. Pulled the codes and oh joy, P0011 & P0021...Engine rpm during the event was 3012 just fyi.
Changed the oil, removed the banjo filters from the back of RH head** & AVCS on both sides, cleared the codes & fired her up....
For all my effort I was awarded a Blown Turbocharger. Yay me.
I immediately pulled it onto ramps in my cramped garage to begin exploration & it has not been started since. Upon draining this fresh oil it was quite glittery, same as the last. Consensus seems to be that glitter would likely be from the turbo, but my main worry is the things I've found in the oil pan...
There were some very thin, black metal shards and a brown, non-metallic thing that looks like it could've been a piece of a seal possibly.
The metal pieces ARE magnetic, so I'm thinking it might be part of a rod bearing but I am not sure & I can't seem to find a pic of anything similar, so I was hoping somebody here might could give a look.

** from my understanding, the Banjo bolt on the back of the RH head & front of block were supposed to be the Smooth-Headed type, without the filter & bump on top of the bolt. But the turbo was replaced about 350 miles before I bought it & from the receipts the previous owner gave me, the shop replaced 4 Banjo bolts; the front of block behind timing cover, the back of the RH head, and both AVCS/OCV's.

Here's the beautiful bean footage...

The bottom filter with the shavings came out of the LH avcs. The other came from the RH avcs. I lost the 3rd one & the 4th is still in the block cuz the timing cover.
Sorry there's nothing for scale, but the shards are on a normal, dimpled paper towel if that helps any..
Threw in the pan & bottom end as a bonus.
NVM there's a bic lighter for reference lol


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